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Unveiling the Lies of Jewish Origin of the Igbo People and Revealing the Jewish Agenda in Igboland

Igbo converts to Judaism in Nigeria

Igbo converts to Judaism in Nigeria

by Chibuzo Ihuoma

The truth about Igbo origin

There have been various tales of Igbo origin, some true and others false. Those true are, stories from Onu Igbo (from the mouth of Igbo without outside influencing); however, those that are false are, either unintentional and due to the lack of traditional history and foreign exploitation, or intentional and due to the works of dubious foreign entities who prey on people who have witnessed oppression and are deemed fit to be used as tools for a selfish agenda.

The Igbo are orally and archeologically proven to have migrated from no other area apart from the Niger-Benue confluence. It is this area that blood related groups such as the Yoruba, Idoma, Edo (Bini, Esan, Urhobo/Isoko, Etsako, Afemai), and Igala dispersed into various groups. The Igbo have no tradition of coming from anywhere else other than the nuclear Igbo area of the Owerri-Awka- Orlu-Okigwe axis, which happens to support the archeological findings.

The Falsity of Jewish ancestry

There have been attempts by various Zionist Jewish entities to try and sew Ndi Igbo into a “Jewish” ancestry. One of their deceptions is through the painting of the Biblical Eri and the Igbo Eri as one in the same. Those who are well versed in the Holy Bible, Igbo Traditions, and history as I, know that this claim is totally and grossly absurd. To begin, the names Eri (the son of Gad) of the Bible and Eri of the Igbo race are pronounced two completely different ways. The ‘E’ of the Biblical/Jewish Eri is equivalent to the ‘e’ in Easter and the ‘ri’ is equivalent to the ‘ri’ in ride. Examples of similar biblical names with long ‘E’ pronunciations are Elijah(ee LIE ja), Elisha(ee LIE sha), Egypt(ee jippt), and Esau(ee SAW). In contrast, the ‘E’ in the Igbo Eri is as the ‘e’ in echo and the ‘ri’ is as the ‘ree’ in reed. Examples of similar Igbo names with short ‘E’ pronunciations are Emeka, Enyi, Ebere, and Enugu. The only thing the Biblical/Jewish Eri shares with the Igbo Eri is the Latin Script in which it is written in. This is a major deception that is used on the Igbo who are unable to acquire access to the truth.

Another reason why the claim of the Biblical Eri and the Igbo Eri as one in the same is laughable is both the Bible and Igbo tradition prove it to be false. The biblical Eri (the son of Gad) was said to have been born during the biblical times of Genesis. The Book of Genesis is said to have been written in 1400 BC. That is over 1,400 years before Jesus Christ was even born. The Bible itself was completed roughly 2,000 years ago, so the time difference between the completion of the Holy Bible and the birth of the biblical/Jewish Eri is enormous. Do keep in mind that the completion of the Book of Genesis was a collection of records of events over thousands of years, according to religious doctrine and beliefs. In Contrast to the years of the biblical/Jewish Eri, the Igbo Eri is barely over 1,000 years old. Eri was the father of Nri, who establish a kingdom between 948-1000 AD and lasted in major influence up till 1911. Obviously Igbo and Jewish faithful are being taken for a ride. The two figureheads were two completely different individuals and had no connection whatsoever. Also, the Igbo Eri is not the progenitor of the Igbo race. He is the father of the Nri, Aguleri, and Umuleri clans of the Igbo race. Trying to link the entire Igbo race to this one man/figure is another attempt to sew the Igbo into Jewish ancestry. In fact, the Igbo are from a land of vegetation and have no tradition of migrating from anywhere outside the Niger-Benue Confluence; however, the Jews believe they migrated from a place known as “The Garden of Eden”, a place of vegetation and which they are yet to find the location of this particular place of origin of theirs. Going by the facts I just stated, if there is any of the two groups that is the ancestor of the other it is the Igbo that would be the ancestor of the Jews.

“While these Eastern theories of Igbo origin have been rejected by African historians as a worthless piece of creative imagination, “the theory resurfaced during the Biafra-Nigeria Civil War (1967 – 1970) when the Igbo race nearly accepted the suggestion that they were Israelites or Jews. This was because the Igbos associated the mass destruction of the Civilian Igbo race living in the Northern region of Nigeria with the genocide of the Jews in Nazi .Germany during the Second World War. The Biafrans of the Nigerian civil war also attributed the source of hatred for both Jews in Europe and the Igbos in Nigeria to their enterprising nature, economic and intellectual capability which were seen by others as an attempt to monopolize the economic and political power of the nation.”

As Emma Onwuzurike remarked in Nguma Uvuru (1991): “This unfortunate incident compounded the problem of Igbo origin. It even pressed the Jewish origin almost to a convincing point. However, the Hebrew or Jewish origin of the Igbos is part of the basic theory of Nigerian people origin which has been discarded by African historians as an unauthentic theory”

The decline of Judaism and the hope of its resurrection

There is an agenda to spread Jewish culture and religion throughout Africa, and Igboland in particular. This is an agenda due to the reality that out of the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), Christianity and Islam are on the rise and at an astounding rate to the point many Jews are crossing over to the two religions. What does this mean? It means Jewish culture and religion is slowly being eaten up and withered away. This is where to fraudulent Zionist Jews come in, who I repeat, do not represent average Jew. In order to revive their culture and religion they have to spread and for now, Africa is the greatest breeding ground for that. Africa is a place where many are oppressed and low self-esteem is prevalent. The ethnic groups in Africa that these Jews, who don’t represent the masses, target are those who have been battered and ostracized by fellow countrymen as the Igbo of Nigeria have been. The Zionist Jews have gone as far as to use the deaths of over 3 million Igbo people (before, during, and after the Biafra War) and the destruction of the Igbo race by the Nigerian government as comparison to the Jewish Holocaust as a way of drawing more support for their colonization agenda. In the process of the agenda and spreading Jewish culture, they intend to completely wipe out Igbo culture and Language and replace Igbo with that of the Jews. For instance, an organization by the name of Yitzhak Rabin for African Development is to construct an International Institute/ Resource Center, for the teaching of Hebrew language, the history of the Jewish nation, and other science related courses(according to Jewish doctrine) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.​ This is despicable and unacceptable.

The denial of Christ

Jesus Christ as called by Christian or Jesus the son of Mary as called by Muslims is a being held dear to both Christianity and Islam. To Christians, Jesus Christ is not only the Messiah, the light, truth, and the way to salvation, but he is also God in the flesh. To Muslims, Jesus the son of Mary is a prophet, pure, and sent by Allah into the world through a virgin birth. Jesus is one held in high veneration in both Christianity and Islam and both religions believe that if you reject him you reject God or Allah. However, Judaism completely rejects Jesus as one sent from the Almighty God. In Judaism he is seen as no more than a teacher and believed to have been a fraud that died because of blasphemy. This is a belief that must be accepted in order to be a follower of Judaism- the rejection of Christ. Pulling children away from the WORD of God is one of the goals, an act that both the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an warns against. Such blasphemes must be rejected. As of present, there are synagogues in Igboland in which are used to deceive Christian Igbos into Judaism. These synagogues are the one Igbo Christians are brought to in which a phony teaching of Christ is taught. These particular synagogues are preludes to the bigger deception of completely denying Jesus Christ. It is put in place to slowly pull the Christian Igbo away from Christ because they know trying to have a faithful Christian denounce Christ right away is highly unlikely. The game is to relate to the Christian Igbo, make him think they are not against his belief but instead have a different point of view, and then take him to the main synagogue in which the total denial of Christ/ Jesus the son of Mary is completed. The Igbo Muslim population is also targeted in this similar manner but the tendency is very slim. We must reject this In the Name of God.

Respect of Identity

Both Christianity and Islam have entered into Igboland without the need of Christians or Muslims to rewrite Igbo history in order to promote its religion and win over converts. Jews do not have to do the opposite in order to reach this goal. Ndi Igbo are not against Judaism in Igbo land but we are unrepentantly against the revision of our history. We Igbo have suffered enough, not just genocide, and are fed up with those taking our kindness for weakness. Let this be a plea and a warning for those fraudulent elements to stand clear of Igbo land or meet your waterloo.