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Okumagba Seeks More Supporters Club For Nigeria

From: Dianabasi Effiong
The National Chairman of Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC), Prince Vincent Okumagba has advocated for a multiplicity of supporters club in the country.

Okumagba, who leads a faction of the NFSC, spoke to some Sports Writers in Uyo after the Super Eagles match with Cameroon where the Nigerians won  4-0.
He said: “In Nigeria now you can see that there are two groups. We sat side by side and for me it is a very good development for Nigeria although people are saying when there are two factions Nigeria will not win matches. 

“We went to Cotonou and we were two and we lost, we came here and we sat apart and we lost that match and they were expecting same in yesterday’s (Friday) match.
We sat apart and everything went well and we won by 4-0. When was the last time we won by that kind of margin?
“So I think it is a good one for Nigeria. We want to see more green and white fans or supporters coming to support our national team. But the problem is that Ladipo was made Chairman many years ago and he left office in 2000.
“In 2002 our constitution does not recognise the position of President General but Ladipo continues to parade himself as the President General of the Club and number one man of the club.

He pointed out that supporters club was formed by a white man in 1955 and Ladipo was not even the first or second Chairman.
“And now there is crisis…the problem is Ladipo. He has over stayed; let him leave the stage for the younger ones coming up to take. He is even old now. Ladipo is 70 years.
We can make him a life patron or elder. We respect him because he has done a lot for the supporters club.
“His time is up let him go but if we cannot resolve the crisis we are going to continue to be apart. So many supporters club can thrive in Nigeria. In Ghana we have 15, in US they have many and in Uk its the same thing so there is no problem.


“I support the emergence of many supporters club and I want the whole stadium to be filled with many green and white.
The idea is to cheer them up and galvanize them and make sure that they score goals for Nigeria. All of us have our different businesses, I am Petroleum dealer.
“Supporters club is not a job. There is nothing wrong in having many supporters club but we are only saying that the support must be organised and no fight, so if any other team wants to come they are all welcomed.”
On the performance of Okechukwu Ezenwa in the last match, he said that Ezenwa did excellently well.
“You know Vincent (Enyeama) is my very good friend but I think change is only permanent in life and we have seen what Ezenwa did on Friday. In fact he surprised all of us and if you look at it he is even a leader. He was commanding from the back and arranging the defence.
“He is a very good goalkeeper for us. There was a surprise shot sent to him and he was able to catch it. If he continues like this, I think we have gotten a goalkeeper,’’ Okumagba said.
He also commented on the emphasis that Nigerian government places on football to the detriment of other sports.
“The government should begin to encourage other sports. You can see that football has only one trophy but others sports like athletics have so many medals that we can win.
We should encourage them. You can see that boxing is dying too and athletics that we are very good at is also going down.
“We need to encourage them from grassroots because they are not being encouraged.
I think Nigeria should focus on not only football even though football is the king of sports but also on other sports. They should look at other sports and encourage them,” he said
He also commended Coach Gernot Rohr of the Super Eagles: “I think the Technical Adviser has impressed us. I think he is a good coach.The hope for our football is bright. We have good relations with the sports Ministry, for me they are so wonderful.
“They support me so well. This victory is a good one for the current board of NFF, because they are being seen as a bunch of a board that cannot qualify Nigeria for any major tournament. So this is one big one for them.”