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Expectation Is The Mother Of Disappointment

By Oscar Onwudiwe

In April 2015, I said on Channels TV that I expect nothing from the incoming administration. So I neither feel disappointed nor frustrated. I warned at that time that the divisive campaign leading to the 2015 elections have left gaping cracks that needs to be cemented in the interest of Nigeria . But the APC and their supporters were basking in triumphal power drunkenness that such advice must be ignored .
Today we have a country deeply divided along two major ideologies. Those you care about the next generation and those whose only focus is the next election . The latter has power now and their focus is obvious .
Prof Ben Nwabueze has written loudly about the Northernisation agenda of Buhari’s govt but let’s look at if it profits the next generation of Northerners. They are in charge of all the parastatals under the Ministry of Education plus the Minister but how has that improved school enrollment for their children ? What efforts are they making to get more kids off the streets and educate them ? Some say it’s deliberate , to keep the poor where they are , so as to control their mind and actions . I hear the Fulanis are CAST CONSCIOUS . They must be served by those they consider inferior to their race . Could this be why we have over 12million kids of school age roaming the streets in the North ?
Culture is a powerful thing , particularly if it’s resistant to dynamism, that is Change . So in reality,the Nigerian ruling tribe (Fulani) are good and intelligent people held captive by their culture . As great warriors and conquerors, why should any person tell them to stop grazing on the land of inferior mortals ? So the suggestion of Ranching is as annoying as asking our imperial President to read the 2014 confab report . A bloody confab convened by a non blue blood . The Fulani superior culture abides by the doctrine of ” AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINING, ITS NOW AND EVER SHALL BE ” Insha Allah . Many have forgotten that in our Emperor’s inaugural speech , he said amongst others viz ” We need not be reminded that we are descendants of Uthman Dan Fodio …….”. Who was he talking to ? Who needs to be reminded about being the descendants of a great warrior and conqueror in a democracy ? Don’t tell me it’s only the herdsmen and those of his superior tribe who should expect appointments . No , I am too naive to accept that . But I have digressed badly .
They control the entire security arm of govt but how did that translate to Peace in the North ? Why do we have more of their women & children displaced and painful residents of IDP camps ? They control the oil money with more oil wells , , gave themselves more States and Local govt for the lion share of the country’s wealth , but why is the poverty index of their area worse ? My friend an economist said its because their focus is only on power for the sake of it .
I bow for their “superiority” but pity their lack of the realization that the only thing that is constant in life is Change . One day, the over 199 docile tribes in the North would see the light and seek freedom . At that time, killing and intimidation would not stand on their way . In truth, Nigeria’s revolution would start in the North. Time will tell.