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Nigeria: A Nation That Lies To Itself

By Ebirim Anozie

There is something inherently absurd about a nation like Nigeria. A nation that lies to itself.

Is it not wonderful that 1200 candidates passed the police recruitment exam from the north west and only 600 from the south east. That’s double.
The south east and the South south had the least number of passes in the police recruitment exam.
I would easily look the other way if they said the list wasn’t based on the same pass mark or they just shortlisted people, but this tale of the Northwest having double the number pass the east had, almost double of the South South, and more than 50% of the SW is total bollocks!
There is no being politically correct about it, it did not happen, it is not happening, will not happen in the next 20 years, not with the type of leaders the north is producing who discourage education in the core North.
Isn’t it funny that in jamb the south east posts the best result, in WAEC and NECO the same, in unity secondary school entrance exams the story is the same, followed by SW and SS, but when it’s recruitment into government agencies the north suddenly becomes the bastion of academic prowess!! When it’s promotion, Northern candidates suddenly become Dali’s.

A nation that lies to itself is doomed. You wonder why our security agencies can’t solve a crime? Why they arrest goats? When you employ clowns as security operatives what do you expect? These ones can’t reason logically. They’d rather adduce fantastical ideas as the cause of a crime instead of logical ones.

Then again, I could be wrong:

It’s possible they actually scored the highest.

But then we all know that it means their claims that the Arabic wasn’t scored was false. The only way the northwest outperformed the SE, SW, SS is if the Arabic exam was compulsory.