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To Nigerians After The Election Charade In Ekiti

By Nneka Aroh

If you are an adult Nigerian and you still can’t see how Ekiti State election is a testament to the rot in this country, then I shouldn’t really be having a conversation with you.

And it shouldn’t even matter where your allegiance lies.

The mere fact that your country men and women are compelled to sell their mandate should depress you. It should make you worry, if not for your sorry self, then at least for your children.

How does it matter if APC or PDP “wins”? How does it even satisfy the definition of that word ‘win’? All I see is loss. Loss for Ekiti people and for all Nigerians.

If you had any sense, you’d be asking yourself where Fasoye got the money he bought votes with. And indeed how come a minister who just served under a self acclaimed saint could afford the money he shoved down the hungry stomachs of the humiliated and dehumanized people of Ekiti.

This should be the bigger picture. If your view is still narrower than this simple one, then you are not worth my time.

Like I said in an earlier post, we have hit the bottom in almost every aspect of development in this country under the leadership of the present Govt. This low, we have never gone.

If you know what prayer to say for Nigeria, say it now.

Me, I think God has lost interest. I’ll save my prayers for other intentions.