Mandela’s condition critical, says South Africa’s president
Nelson Mandela’s health has deteriorated and he is now in critical condition, the South African government said Sunday. The office of President Jacob Zuma said in a statement that he had visited the 94-year-old anti-apartheid leader at a hospital Sunday evening and was informed by the medical team that... Read more
Egypt’s military warns of intervention to prevent slide into “dark tunnel”
Wading into an increasingly volatile fray, Egypt’s military on Sunday gave the nation’s Islamist rulers and their opponents a week to reach an understanding before planned June 30 opposition protests aimed at forcing out the president, in a toughly worded warning that it will intervene to stop the nation... Read more
Islamists rally support for Egypt’s president
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood staged a show of strength in Cairo on Friday, rallying a huge crowd to demonstrate support for President Mohamed Mursi – and warn opponents who hope to force him out. The opposition called it an attempt to “terrorize” them before mass rallies they plan for just... Read more
Mandela’s wife expresses gratitude to world for outpouring of ‘Love’
In tweets, songs, telephone calls, cards and more, messages of love have come from across South Africa and the world for 94-year-old Nelson Mandela, giving the family comfort and hope as he remains hospitalized in serious condition with a lung infection, his wife said Monday. One of Mandela’s daughters,... Read more
Former President Nelson Mandela began responding better to treatment Wednesday morning for a recurring lung infection following “a difficult last few days,” South Africa’s president said. President Jacob Zuma told parliament that he is happy with the progress that the 94-year-old is making following his hospitalization on Saturday. Mandela... Read more
ICC wants proof Kenya will try president “genuinely”
The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor said on Thursday that Kenya must prove it would “genuinely” conduct proceedings against President Uhuru Kenyatta for alleged crimes against humanity if it wants the court to drop his case. Kenya has asked the tribunal to refer its case against Kenyatta back... Read more
Ugandan police on Thursday ended their occupation of a newspaper after 10 days during which they looked for evidence against an army general accused of publicly discussing politics. The Daily Monitor reported on its website that some staff accessed its premises in the capital, Kampala. Hillary Onek, Uganda’s interior... Read more
Suicide bombers in Niger detonated two car bombs simultaneously on Thursday, one inside a military camp in the city of Agadez and another in the remote town of Arlit at a French-operated uranium mine, killing a total of 26 people and injuring 30, according to officials in Niger and... Read more
South Sudan’s president is criticizing the International Criminal Court, saying the court is designed to humiliate African leaders. Salva Kiir spoke Thursday during a visit by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who faces ICC charges related to Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007-08 that killed more than 1,000 people. Kiir said... Read more
A government spokesman says at least 15 people were injured, four of them by bullet wounds, during a protest in Guinea’s capital between opposition parties and security forces. The clashes are the latest iteration in the ongoing fight between the country’s opposition and the ruling party over the details... Read more