The registration to mine the Shakti Coins will be opened country-by-country in the days to come and Shakti Coins are not available for purchase....

The registration to mine the Shakti Coins will be opened country-by-country in the days to come and Shakti Coins are not available for purchase.

CALIFORNIA – Media OutReach
12 April 2019 –
The Swiss Shakti Foundation issued today a note of caution to the public announcing
there is no imminent initial coin offering (ICO) of Shakti Coins. Early
adopters should not be fooled by any individuals or entities claiming to have
access to Shakti Coins for purchase. Shakti Coins can only be mined
. Therefore, no coins are
to be purchased from anyone.

registration to mine the Shakti Coins will be opened on a country-by-country
basis in the days to come. A limited number of power mining licenses will be
available to active
miners in proportion to population. For instance, India, China and the U.S.
will have equivalent numbers of power miners in proportion to their population
and made available on
a first-come, first-serve-basis.

encourages the enthusiasm surrounding Shakti Coins but wants to encourage
everyone to pay attention to the details and avoid purchasing fake coins.

Shakti ecosystem is engineered to hold a stable value of USD 5.00
. Therefore, there is no
possibility or opportunity for pump and dump plotters.

Distributed Mining Ownership

Shakti Network will always be 100 percent owned and operated by the public
. Any person or entity
can participate as a node operator (miner) of the Shakti Network. The Shakti
Foundation has preserved Satoshi’s singular mandate of inserting ownership
within the hands of the node operators. The mining of Shakti Coin is
democratically distributed across the world and reinforced by node operation at
the rate of one node license for a natural person. The Berkeley, Calif. office
has the mandate to achieve regulatory compliance and ensure fair
allocation of nodes
(miners) worldwide.

PoE protocol replaces Bitcoin’s power-hungry protocol without compromising on
security. For example, a computer dedicated to mine Shakti Coin with T400 Power
Mining license would consume about the same power as an email server, yet potentially
capable of producing a projected mining income of USD $10,000++ per month in
equivalent value in SXE within 18 months.

Only can
distribute Mining licenses. Please be aware of
phishing email invites or fake websites with “close enough” URLs (ex: This sort of thing has become common, so we urge
potential miners to pay attention to the details.

of Shakti Coin will be limited, especially at the outset. The number of mining
slots available will grow with the network. Right now, the Shakti ecosystem
will only accept
a handful of Power miners on a first-come-first-serve

About Shakticoin:

The Shakti project is an
international grassroots initiative that exists independent of any affiliation
with industry, government, religion or political party. The Swiss Shakti Foundation is a public benefit organization based in Zug, Switzerland tasked to
provide impartial oversight of the Shakti ecosystem.

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