VC & Startup Accelerator Continues to Support Next Tech Leaders SELANGOR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 15 May 2019 – NEXEA is pleased to...

VC & Startup Accelerator Continues to Support Next Tech Leaders

– 15 May 2019 – NEXEA is pleased to announce the opening of registration
for its early-stage Malaysian Startup Accelerator Program. Interested parties
can register at NEXEA’s website now through May 31, 2019. Being the leading
accelerator program in Malaysia, NEXEA’s Startup Accelerator Program backed by
a number of successful business mentors and notable investors.

NEXEA is a venture capital and startup accelerator firm that
supports and funds technology companies that would potentially be the next big
thing. The company was founded on the premise of helping tomorrow’s tech
leaders in solving real world problems, changing the market landscape, and
crafting a successful business. NEXEA’s Startup Validation Methodology provided
a proprietary benchmark for evaluating startups in the most effective and
efficient way. Next, The Startup Mentorship Program has a network pool of
successful entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen who have had tremendous
exits (IPO, M&A) of their businesses. The network, knowledge and experience
the mentors are able to share with program members would be unparalleled and
would ensure the success of founders and their business; needless to say, NEXEA
is the melting pot of ideas, innovation, business, and investment.

NEXEA and its partners provided a multitude of services
ranging from corporate to technology including business and revenue model
guidance, growth tactics, revenue hacks, reflections on corporate innovation,
corporate innovation methodology, and vital startup concepts. Corporate services
including disbursement of talent and staff for experiential learning at the
Accelerator, where conversation about how startups and accelerators plan and
react to disruption and technology, market validation and growth, and internal
innovation tactics to drive corporate innovation initiatives. Technology
services include full-handover, expert, and affordable IT solutions for
scalable and high growth companies.

A crucial component of any investment is the risk and return.
Only 1 in 10 startups have the chance of succeeding in the high-octane world of
start-ups, the return on investments would be relatively high too; startup
investments would normally generate a return of about 25% CAGR. We are here to
close the gap on risk and return, pushing for more start-ups to be successful,
and elevating the CAGR. The collection of highly-skilled entrepreneurs and
businessmen on NEXEA’s Angel Investor Network management team have the
expertise, industry experience and capital to deploy and would develop the
foundational success for start-ups and thoroughly reduce the risky world of

A business would not be a success without great supports. NEXEA
is proud to have supporting partners such as AWS and HERE Technologies. AWS will
be providing technical support to the top 20 and top 5 finalists of the
accelerator program. The top 5 champions of the program would also get location
services credits and engineering support from HERE Technologies, a mapping and
location data powerhouse. With this accelerator and with the help of our
partners, Joseph Ting & Co, Help University, Cradle, Ringcaptcha and
Hubspot, startups will be well equipped with the right knowledge and technology
to grow within the ASEAN region.

The methodology of the startup accelerator is aimed at
creating companies that can grow 10X within a few short years. The combination
of experienced mentors, experts, and partners of the accelerator program prove
potent as their previous companies have grown 3 to 16 times per year. The
program is also known for its post-accelerator support and follow-on funding
rate of above 50%.

NEXEA, along with a team of more than 30 investors and
mentors has funded more than 35 startups, assembled, and accumulated more than RM
80 million in consolidated revenues through its programs. Notable startups such
as Lapasar and Plush Services are the examples of great success from the
accelerator program. They have gone on to raise funds and are on the verge of
becoming the next powerhouse in their industry.

If your business has what it takes to be the next big thing,
don’t wait! Register as soon as possible. The registration portal for NEXEA’s
early-stage Malaysian
Startup Accelerator Program
will be opened through May 31, 2019. This is an
exciting time in the technology and start-up world and we welcome innovators
and entrepreneurs that seek to solve challenging problems and make an impact on
the way we live.

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