TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 11 June 2019 – A total of 64 projects and business leaders across 16 countries in Asia were...

TAIWAN – Media OutReach
11 June 2019 –
A total of 64 projects and
business leaders across 16 countries in Asia were selected as recipients of
Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2019, an increase of 19% from last
year. Regarded as the top corporate social responsibility awards in Asia, this
year’s ceremony was organized in Taipei, after being held in Macau, Singapore,
Bangkok, and Manila previously.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization
for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor
Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially
responsible business practices. The award categories are
empowerment, investment in people, health promotion, green leadership,
corporate governance, and responsible business leadership. Some of the
dignitaries who graced the event include Mr. Chang San-cheng, former premier of
the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mr. Hou Yu-Ih, mayor of New Taipei City.

Leading the list of
winners under the green leadership category was Nice Garden Industrial Co.,
Ltd. with their project “Sustainable Agri-Food Practitioner — NEXTLAND”.

1984, Nice Garden Industrial has been persistently focusing on nutrition and
health products for the livestock and aquaculture industries. The Company
pursues sustainable development, and their mission is to become the integrator
from farm to table. Nice Garden dedicates themselves to establish a
transparent, safe and trustworthy supply of food. The Company started with
international trade of animal nutrition and health products, and expanded into
the professional service to operating two pig farms, opening the restaurant
WONMI, establishing the meat processing factory and agriculture and creative
gallery NEXTLAND, and branding pork CHOICE PIG.

Nice Garden’s vision is
to become a safe, healthy and trustworthy benchmark of the agri-food industry
chain. Each of its business unit shares and practices the same core concept to
build a complete pork agri-food chain. NEXTLAND is the essential element to
complete the innovative pork agri-food chain in Taiwan. Through cognitive
education, the philosophy of food is conveyed to the consumers. The mission of
the project is to bridge the gap between consumers and producers, and
reposition the conventional industries to upgrade the agri-food culture in

NEXTLAND, the first
fully transparent and open pork cutting factory in Taiwan, is an important
component of the complete pork industrial chain, as well as a platform for
education of agriculture and food safety. It is also the first popular science
promotion site with agricultural theme. It provides good dietary information in
a simple way to educate the public on what is good-quality pork and how good
pork is produced. When more consumers agree with the concept which Nice Garden
wants to share, the power of consumers’ choice initiates the change of old
farming habits to reduce the impact of the environment. Consumers have safe and
healthy option for pork, and the positive cycle of production and consumption
can be sustainable.

and Impact

NEXTLAND has obtained
the gold-level certification of the green building factory. In order to reduce
the impact on the environment, NEXTLAND was renovated from an old canning
factory, and retained almost all the trees in the original factory by following
the concept of cherishing nature and pursuing sustainability. The project has
created nearly 100 job opportunities in the local area, and the proportion of
employees in the local area has amounted over 70%. In addition to agricultural
and food information, NEXLAND also focuses on promotion for Yunlin Culture. The
market in the museum sells Yunlin special agriculture products, and selects
high-quality food ingredients for consumers.

In 2018, NEXTLAND won
the honour of International Spotlight Tourism Factory of Taiwan Ministry of
Economic Affairs, and Nice Garden won the Best Practice Award for Local
Business Operations at the 25th National Quality Awards. It was also recognized
because of NEXTLAND in Yunlin.

NEXTLAND follows the
Japanese JAS standard, and passes ISO22000, HACCP, CAS, TAP certifications to
provide high- quality pork. The number of visitors has exceeded over 230,000
since 2016, and has increased steadily. The quantity of meat processing increased
from 1,135 in 2016 to 23,000 in 2018. This leap in growth is a recognition of
consumers, and a manifestation of the changes in Taiwan food culture.


The future plan of Nice
Garden is to replicate the NEXTLAND and CHOICE PIG shared-branding model and
involve more partners from the farming community to the meat processing
industry to create a bigger eco-system where transparency and traceability are
celebrated and promoted in the greater Taiwanese F&B and consumer market.

This co-branding
production system allows farmers to have a benchmark on better adaptation into
greener production process, and also more direct impact on how the processing
plant manage their sourcing and traceable meat production. Nice Garden aims to
upgrade the current business model into a standard of living for Taiwan and
transfer this business model to South East Asia. To Nice Garden, to create
these service and brand is not simply for the sake of CSR, it is the Company’s
belief that the sustainable development goals is a vital paradigm shift for
future business operation. The Company will continue to focus on lowering the
environmental impact of animal protein production, lowering the carbon
footprint of the production chain, creating higher awareness on animal welfare,
as well as providing a safer and more sustainable food source for everyone.

About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental
organization in pursuit of creating an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as
an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development
within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars of existence are
investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise Asia works
with governments, NGOs and other organizations to promote competitiveness and
entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic status of people across
Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for the future
generation. For more information, visit:

About Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

The Asia Responsible
Enterprise Awards recognizes and honors Asian businesses for championing
sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the categories of Green
Leadership, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Social Empowerment,
Corporate Governance and Responsible Business Leadership. For more information,

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