TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 11 June 2019 – A total of 64 projects and business leaders across 16 countries in Asia were...

TAIWAN – Media OutReach
11 June 2019 –
A total of 64 projects and
business leaders across 16 countries in Asia were selected as recipients of
Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2019, an increase of 19% from last
year. Regarded as the top corporate social responsibility awards in Asia, this
year’s ceremony was organized in Taipei, after being held in Macau, Singapore,
Bangkok, and Manila previously.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization
for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor
Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially
responsible business practices. The award categories are
empowerment, investment in people, health promotion, green leadership,
corporate governance, and responsible business leadership. Some of the
dignitaries who graced the event include Mr. Chang San-cheng, former premier of
the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mr. Hou Yu-Ih, mayor of New Taipei City.

Leading the list of
winners under the green leadership category was Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC)
with their project “Turn Carbon Dioxide into Green”. “Environment, Energy, and
Cement” are the three cores in the business of TCC. By applying innovative
technologies and thoughts, the Company aims to develop new energies and march
toward the goal of a circular economy with “zero waste, zero pollution, and
zero emission”, and create new values as a sustainable enterprise.

To support the Paris
Agreement and to achieve the CO2 emission standard for inhibiting
global average temperature rise below 1.5°C as specified in the Global Warming
Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, TCC devotes itself in the
development of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS).

The Company made its
first CO2 capture test plant in the Hoping Plant as the demo plant
for promoting CO2 capture. It used Calcium-Looping technology for CO2
capture, and used those CO2 to cultivate Haematococcus pluvialis, an
algae which contains an abundant of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is recognized as
the strongest antioxidant in the world, and it is an indispensable rare raw
material in the healthcare industry.

TCC moreover designed
the World’s first astaxanthin soba noodle, which is not only beneficial to
health but also reduces energy-consumption during the extraction process. The
Company believes that the innovation and application of astaxanthin-related
products is a new way to connect with the public’s everyday life.

The vision of TCC is to
make CO2 capture to become a mature technology, which can both
mitigate global warming and add value to the carbon circular economy. Calcium-Looping
technology for CO2 capture not only captures carbon dioxide, but
also reduces the cost of cement production. It is a win-win strategy for the
core business of TCC and the environment.

Since Carbon Capture
and Storage (CCS) is believed as an essential technology in addressing climate-related
issues, the commercialization of CCS becomes the goal of TCC. The Company
created the application platform for CCUS to fulfil the vision.

The unique design and
technology by TCC won the recognition of the 2014 Global R&D 100 Awards,
and the “astaxanthin application” has been recognized by the 13th National
Innovation Award and the 5th National Industrial Innovation Award.

TCC continually test
its CCUS technology, and its medium and long-term goals are to develop and
establish the calcium looping CO2 capture system and technology with
a commercial scale. After combining the technology with cement production and
power generation, TCC aims to become a competitive provider to CO2
capture technology.

In 2019, the Company
will launch a new plan with a budget of NT$600 million to expand the CCUS
technology. It is estimated that the carbon capture in 2025 will be 450,000
tons per year.

Zero emission in carbon
capture is the last mile for TCC. The Company will continue to develop its CCUS
technology to become an eco-solution provider that builds a circular economy,
emphasizing on “zero waste, zero pollution, and zero emission”.

About Enterprise Asia

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existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise
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About Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

The Asia Responsible
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sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the categories of Green
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