HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 6 December 2019 – The Hong Kong Institute of Housing (“HKIH”) is proud to become one of...

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 6 December 2019 – The Hong
Kong Institute of Housing (“HKIH”) is proud to become one of the Recognized Professional
Bodies (RPBs) of the Property Management Services Authority (“PMSA”).

the enactment of the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap. 626) (“PMSO”)
by the Legislative Council on 26 May 2016, HKIH has been very involved in all
consultations/discussions relating to PMSO subsidiary legislations formulation.
Among which, HKIH took the lead in
gathering views and suggestions from its professional members and other closely
related professional institutions/associations in order to attain comprehensive
and feasible recommendations for PMSA’s serious consideration. Recently, representatives
from HKIH were also invited to attend and offer professional and pragmatic advice
during a code of conduct (general and conclusive) focus group meeting in August

is proud to become one of the first batch of RPBs approved by PMSA after
fulfilling stringent and comprehensive assessment criteria. It reaffirms HKIH’s
authoritative reputation and demonstrates recognition of over thirty years of
professional contribution. HKIH will continue to
work closely with other professional stakeholders as to monitor the sub-legislation development and to encourage open dialogue
with PMSA for the long-term benefit of its members and the future professional development
of the industry. HKIH will facilitate timely dissemination of industry
updates to members, including but not limited to, development of PMSO and its
impact on the industry and housing management professionals.

About The Hong Kong Institute of Housing

The Hong Kong
Institute of Housing (HKIH) was incorporated on 29 November 1988 and was
officially registered on 9 May 1997, in accordance with The Hong Kong Institute
of Housing Ordinance (Cap. 507, originally 34 of 1997). HKIH also initiated the
registration of housing managers to the government; subsequently, the Housing
Managers’ Registration Ordinance (Cap. 550) was subsequently gazetted on 26
November 1999. HKIH is the Recognised Professional Body (RPB) of Property
Management Services Authority (PMSA) since December 2019.

HKIH is the housing
management professional body in Hong Kong with qualified members engaging in
the co-ordination and execution of housing services incorporating the design,
provision, improvement, management and administration of all types of housing.
HKIH currently has over 3,200 professionally trained members, who are
responsible for the management of no less than 70 per cent of all housing stock
in Hong Kong. Members of HKIH practise in housing organizations such as Housing
Department, private property development companies, property management
companies, investment funds, local and international consultancy firms, etc. HKIH
is a member of Agency for Volunteer Service and has also been awarded with the Energywise
Certificate and the Wastewise Certificate by the Hong Kong Green
Organisation Certification (HKGOC) under Hong Kong Productivity Council. For
more information about HKIH, please visit: http://www.housing.org.hk

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