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Eye Witness Account Of How Nigerian Police Officer Shot Bus Passenger

Nigeria Police

Here is an account of an extra-judicial shooting of an innocent bus passenger as sent to www.Africanewscircle.com by an eye witness:

“Which way Nigeria. I was coming back from Lagos to pH today 14th December 2018 at 4:15 pm Nigerian time. At one of the police check points in Rumoji before Choba; a police officer stopped our bus and asked the Agofere company driver to provide his drivers license, the driver provided it, he later asked for tinted glass permit, so the driver told him that he’s not in possession of it and that the company did not give him that. He told the driver, if he will not provide it,that he’s going to rough handle him. We all came down to plead with the police man, and this passenger u see bleeding in this video was talking wit the police and another police man crossed over to meet us, and joined with Mr John the first police man to ask for the permit and the boy in this video, told them they should allow our vehicle to go, and the police man u see in this video shot this boy on the leg, from the van, now we are trying to help becos the boy is bleeding seriously. Pls share this video,and let the world see the kind of people we recruited into our police force. My fear is that, the same police took him away, I want Nigerians to follow it up, and ensure this get to the authority.I fear for the future of this country with what my eyes saw today.
The officer’s name that started this problem, is John Sambo, with the batch no. 243014.