A Word for Northern Nigerian Muslims: Islam and Modernity are Not Enemies
  By Pius Adesanmi I thought I was done with this but some fools who can’t tell their right hands from their left are inboxing me, purportedly defending the North and Islam against my “southern” attack. Hehehehe. I love it. The joke is on them! They don’t know my... Read more
33 Reasons Why Southern Nigerians are ‘Fools’ and Northerners are Not!
By Eccentric Rowland Sadly,80% of Southerners who see this article will not read it!   Note:This article was not developed to ascribe to the entire Northern Nigeria the selfish antics and machination of a few individuals who belong to the region. It would be unfair to do that. Also,... Read more
When the Detractors’ Wishes Came to Nought
By John Okiyi-Kalu “APC call for cancellation of Anambra election and Ngige boycotts Obosi-Idemili election”-News I predicted that headline many days ago and you can read my “soon to be published headlines” wall post to confirm. Check out number 4. I knew who will win and how the loser... Read more
Oduah: In the Eye of The Avengers’ Onslaught
  By Obohro Embe The late literary icon, Prof Chinua Achebe was at his proverbial best when he stated in one of his novels that the house the enemy wanted to pull down has caught fire on its own. Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, who had massed a... Read more
Stella Oduah and the Nigerian Inquisition (Part 2)
By Obichi Ikechi Like a plot unfolding in stages, the attacks on Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Madam Stella Oduah have sunk to a sad new low. As the commissioned attackers could not nail their target on the leaked BMW purchase ‘scandal’ they have resorted to attacking her widely acclaimed airport... Read more
  The Online Publishers Association of Nigeria (OPAN) has warned a group, Nigerian Online Publishers Association (NOPA)against parading itself as the body of Nigerian on-line publishers and dissociated its members from the latter which claims to be represent Nigerian online publishers. In a statement on Wednesday October 30, OPAN,... Read more
The Case Against Nigeria’s Aviation Minister
By Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire It is important to speak professionally on this matter for a number of reasons. There is really no case against Ms. Stella Oduah, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, in any real sense of the term. What there may be is a pent-up sense of frustration, which... Read more
“Aluu” style Lynch Mob  Runs Amok Again (3)
By John Okiyi Kalu Whoever read part 1 and 2 of this note will likely be asking why will any “cabal” want to lynch our Aviation Minister and  who are the arrowheads of the lynch mob? Take a look at this extract from a February 2013 article written by... Read more
An Appeal to The Ethnic Nations of the Oil Producing Areas of Nigeria
By Chuba Obi We all know that for peace to reign and for you to regain control of the rulership of your land and we all achieve the just cause in the hearts of all the peoples of Nigeria, the oil and gas in your land and waters need... Read more
“Aluu” Style Lynch Mob  Runs Amok Again (2)
By John Okiyi Kalu Stella’s crime for which she must be burnt is that she dared to dismantle the mafia that have controlled Nigeria’s aviation industry since the 70s. The same people who were comfortable while planes were literally falling from Nigerian skies under Prof Babalola Borishade, Femi Fani... Read more