By:  Keresifon Essien Any purposeful body, group, organisation or party of people must have certain laid down basic guiding principles that regulates or governs  its operations and ensures equity, justice and fair-play, which members must respect in totality as re-echoed at the just concluded 2013 National Congress of the... Read more
Why They Jubilate over the Enugu Airport?
By Kelechi Decca Because I find myself rudely sandwiched, between those who are dancing to the rhythms of acrobatic Atilogwu drums, and the almost ethereal gracefulness gracefulness of the Adanma Dancers, just like King David unashamedly did when the Ark of the Lord entered into Jerusalem. And those who... Read more
The Intrigues of Local Government Autonomy in Nigeria
By Nnaemeka Kevin Umenzeakor The advent of local government administration in Nigeria took off in an unpopular manner when it was vested in the hands of traditional authorities during the colonial era. Post-Independence era was followed with the importance of bringing the local government system to the limelight. Over... Read more
Open Letter To President Jonathan On Ntuen, Anambra Guber Congress And Other Matters
By Edet Edubio     Dear President Jonathan, I am a noble son of Akwa Ibom State, who would prefer to be recognized as a retired civil servant with vast interest in the potentials of the agriculture industry. Simply put, I am a farmer at present, yet  committed to... Read more
Femi Fani-Kayode: Haunted By A Nupe Ancestry, Fighting A Foggy Yoruba Identity Complex
By Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe (Ph.d)   Nigeria’s nationality question is neither the creation of the Igbo nor the Yoruba. It is the consequence of Hausa-Fulani’s megalomaniac quest for political power in the nation. Yet the Hausa-Fulani accept the fact that both the Igbo and Yoruba hold the key to their... Read more
Igbos and Lagos: Connecting the Dots
By Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe     Lagos State belongs as much to the ethnic Igbo as to the Yoruba, Ijaw, Hausa, Fulani, Efik, Idoma, Urhobo, Itshekiri, Edo, and so on who live in it, pay tax, identify with it, and settle in it. That compact was made the moment... Read more
A Closer Look at Femi Fani-Kayode’s Hate Rants
By Femi Aribisala   The year was 1965.  I was an innocent starry-eyed 13 year-old and  Nigeria was in turmoil.  It was the era of the “wetie,” when the houses of politicians and key public-figures were burnt down in the brouhaha that was then Western Nigeria. We lived in... Read more
 By Samuel Okafor (Ph.d)   From his myopic bubble Femi FaniKayode claims the Yoruba were the first to acquire Western education; the first ever known record of a literate Nigerian in the English Language is the narrative of an Ibo slave who regained his freedom and documented his life... Read more
Real Men and Attitude Towards Women
By Laila St Matthew Daniel     Patriarchy in society and men’s attitude towards women is a far reaching problem and this attitude goes a long way in shaping public thinking about women. There is a misconceived entitlement that men have, that they are above the law where women issues... Read more
A Shama Maliga Spills the Beans on the Femi Fani-Kayode he knew
By Shama Musa Maliga   He was not the only person that slept with Adaobi Ukaegbu. I have done it with her severally even when Femi was poking her day and night in Abuja. Even many security men have done it with her under Femi’s nose. So I don’t... Read more