(AP) — Homemade bombs built from pressure cookers, a version of which was used in the Boston Marathon bombings, have been a frequent weapon of militants in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen once published an online manual on how to make one, urging “lone jihadis” to... Read more
MR FELIX NWOYE ADIM V. NIGERIAN   BOTTLING COMPANY PLC & ANOR CITATION: (2010) LPELR-SC.56/2003 OTHER     CITATIONS: 1 Adim v. NB.C. Ltd. (2010) 9 NWLR     (Pt. 1200) 543 S.C. 2 3 In The Supreme Court of Nigeria On Friday, the 30th day of April,   2010 Suit... Read more