“Aluu” Style Lynch Mob  Runs Amok Again
By John Okiyi Kalu Most Nigerians, especially those active in online social media such as Facebook and Twitter,  are familiar with the gruesome murder of 4 students of the University of Port Harcourt a year ago at neighboring Aluu community in Rivers State. The unfortunate students reportedly went to... Read more
The Oduah Saga and the Nigerian Inquisition
By Obichi Ikechi With the flurry of attacks on the Aviation Minister, Mrs Stella Oduah since it was reported that the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) bought two bullet proof cars for her ministry, one cannot but wonder if there are other motives behind the attacks especially as this... Read more
Femi Fani-Kayode: A Life in Denial of Origin and Gov. Fashola’s Apology To Nd’Igbo
    By: Dr. N. Tony Nwaezeigwe   The problem with a guest-mourner out-weeping the bereaved is that the former often loses touch of the emotional rhythm of the situation and thus often fails to notice when the situation changes to the mood of somber reflection. This is the... Read more
Call for Oghiadome, Gulak’s Sack in Bad Faith
By Utum Etim The recent pressure mounted on President Goodluck Jonathan by some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dissenters to remove his chief of staff, Chief Mike Oghiadome and Political Adviser, Ahmed Gulak, was, to say the least, made in utmost bad faith and mischievous. The duo may have been noticed by... Read more
Fashola and a Fickle, Pseudo-apologia
By: John Okiyi-Kalu Any editor whose media house carried “Fashola apologizes to Igbos over deportation” should urgently review the transcripts of the event where Governor Fashola purportedly issued the apology. Fashola offered no apology for deportation but rather offered more insults to Nigerians of Igbo origin after Aka Ikenga... Read more
Of Okorocha, An Abortion Law and ignorance on rampage
I am of the view that if we make efforts to drop our pretense and tackle some of our development issues based on the realities of the situations on ground we would achieve more. But being a society with the intellectual articulation of Ostriches, we chose to bury our... Read more
By:  Keresifon Essien Any purposeful body, group, organisation or party of people must have certain laid down basic guiding principles that regulates or governs  its operations and ensures equity, justice and fair-play, which members must respect in totality as re-echoed at the just concluded 2013 National Congress of the... Read more
Why They Jubilate over the Enugu Airport?
By Kelechi Decca Because I find myself rudely sandwiched, between those who are dancing to the rhythms of acrobatic Atilogwu drums, and the almost ethereal gracefulness gracefulness of the Adanma Dancers, just like King David unashamedly did when the Ark of the Lord entered into Jerusalem. And those who... Read more
The Intrigues of Local Government Autonomy in Nigeria
By Nnaemeka Kevin Umenzeakor The advent of local government administration in Nigeria took off in an unpopular manner when it was vested in the hands of traditional authorities during the colonial era. Post-Independence era was followed with the importance of bringing the local government system to the limelight. Over... Read more
Open Letter To President Jonathan On Ntuen, Anambra Guber Congress And Other Matters
By Edet Edubio     Dear President Jonathan, I am a noble son of Akwa Ibom State, who would prefer to be recognized as a retired civil servant with vast interest in the potentials of the agriculture industry. Simply put, I am a farmer at present, yet  committed to... Read more