Group Seeks Ndoma-Egba’s Return To Senate Group Seeks Ndoma-Egba’s Return To Senate
A political pressure group in central Senatorial district of Cross River State called Reclamation Mandate Group is mounting serious pressure on former senate leader... Group Seeks Ndoma-Egba’s Return To Senate

Ndoma Egba

A political pressure group in central Senatorial district of Cross River State called Reclamation Mandate Group is mounting serious pressure on former senate leader and Chairman NDDC Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba to stand for the 2019 election into the senate of Nigeria under the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Similarly, the State Chairman of the APC, Dr Mathew Achigbe and the Zonal Secretary Central senatorial, Mr Vodena Enya said they are excited with his entry as the more the merrier.

The group in a statement signed by the Convener, Mr. Edo Owan, said his sterling performance at the National Assembly representing Cross River Central Senatorial district is opened to all to scrutinize hence “we want him to come back as Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba was arbitrary denied his ticket to return back to the senate in 2015, the senatorial district and indeed the entire state have since lost its voice and effective representation.

“His hard work, commitment to duty, resilient nature and benevolent disposition to all who came in contact with him earned him the leadership and respect. Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba made only one promise to the people of central senatorial district during his campaign in 2003 elections, which is to give his people a voice, not just for central senatorial district, but for the whole Cross River State.

The group went further to state that: “That promise he kept faithfully and even went outside his duty of lawmaking to provide projects ranging from water supply, to flood/erosion control works, to drainage, library complexes, classroom blocks, scholarship to indigent students  etc.

“For the kind of democracy that we practice, a representative whether at the Local, State, or at National level is expected to be heard, to give the people a voice, a loud positive voice in that matter. He is expected to speak for his people, marshalling their needs and goals with the sole aim to achieving their desires. Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba is known for his number of Bills, motions he sponsored while he was in the Senate, notable among them was the Freedom of Information Bill which today is the gateway to effective monitoring of government activities and conduct of public officers.

“When a lawmaker representing his people leaves the business of lawmaking or goes beyond the lawmaking process to attract projects, not just any projects, but projects that are dear to the heart of his people, then, that representative is really perfecting the concept of efficient and effective representation”.

The group also stated that, they want the Senator to return to the senate because he could be trusted with their mandate, and that he is accessible, always in constant touch with his constituent, visiting them with gifts and cash during festive periods, a delicacy which is lacking since the senator left. The senatorial district nay the state has lost its vibrancy; they don’t know what is happening in the country and in the state any more…we want to return the stolen mandate back to him so that he can continue in his good work of effective representation”.

The Reclamation Mandate Group went down memory lane to recall the sad events that took place immediately after the November 2014 primaries in Central Senatorial District, stating that, “the State and its citizens were made to witness the most bizarre exercise unheard of in its political history. Truth was stood up, truth became a scared commodity sort for without any headway, truth was hoarded by the political masters who contrive lies and half truth to mesmerize the gullible citizens, the end result was that, Cross Riverians were left more confused and sadden than ever before”.

Commenting on the entry of the former senate leader, Dr. Achigbe said “first and famous without the senate leader coming in, I was satisfied that the best have come out and with his entry I am even more confident that our party is becoming stronger and stronger. What else do you want me to say, the senatorial aspirant that has just come in was a leader of the senate before and if he comes in you mean I should feel dispirited.

“I should rather feel more encouraged that the fight is getting much more interesting and anybody that emerges as a senator I will be excited. I have not seen a one week senator in our party, the truth is that if there is any area I am more confident is the senatorial aspirants right from south to the north, I cannot find any week person. Anybody the party throws I am excited about it”.

Dianabasi Effiong