By: Iyiachukwu G.C. Achukwu Last week I stopped off at a Waterstone Bookshop, somewhere in East London and made some selection of Books. Of...

By: Iyiachukwu G.C. Achukwu

Last week I stopped off at a Waterstone Bookshop, somewhere in East London and made some selection of Books. Of course, I picked one of my favorite thrilers, John Grisham.

In Chapter 7 of the novel – The Rooster Bar, Mr Gordy, a young law student committed suicide. He fell over a Bridge – Mental Health. Bipolar and on medication ;but friends realized that very late.
Girlfriend, Zola, didn’t want to offend him; so couldn’t reveal his Bipolar secret to his friends at law school- Mark and Todd.

My close friend and French translator fell over a Bridge also in Wolverhampton, years back. A very good footballer. Sam died! I loft a pally.

Since then, two other black Caribbean known to me had fallen unto a moving train – same station, same place, different years.

This morning, I have just read a suicide note from a young Nigerian Artist. I went through his Facebook wall and saw where he posted the picture of a level 100 Pharmacy student who had committed suicide few months back – her boyfriend dumped her, allegedly.

I really don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to do. I really don’t know how to start.

Principal training in Public Health is to think critically (evidence based)on best practice interventions.

My spirit is vexed. I can’t think of anything at the moment. I am vexed because I don’t know how not to vex for the institutions that could have been the refuge when society fails , but they rather are the Killers.

The failure of our faith based institutions is reflecting on the mental health of the society terribly.

I don’t want to get more vexed, but the truth is that self esteem has been erroded from the population who are no longer taught the message of contentment.

I have spoken to many young guys and I have seen how difficult it is to get them understand that they are not doing poorly because they don’t ride a Benze yet. It’s very difficult.

The society today is too materialistic and it’s driving many to mental health conditions ( DeHaven et al., 2014).

When your Priests and Pastors not only talk about money; but you see them live like Hollywood Celebrities, you are tempted to think that that is life and that is the standard to pursue.

Many have, as a result, left Church completely. You do not blame them. They can’t afford to be openly robbed by tricksters.

The unfortunate thing,however, is that they now begin a journey towards Atheism. They hate the Whites and the Bible. They visit the Shrines and the Oracles and sometimes they meet their ex Pastors in the shrine too. They are confused. The entire society have failed them – People, Government and the final succor of Faith.

In this new journey, faith is defeated. Faith, studies have shown, has a tremendous impact on health and well-being.

In fact, faith-based interventions have worked too effectively in the black communities than many other approaches, in tackling mental health challenges and addressing the wider social determinants, in the community ( Dahgreen, 1991).

Like I said, I don’t know what to say! Please, please, you have no reason to end it yourself. You will put me in a difficult situation. I am a Nanka Prince. I won’t find space to type Rest in Peace to you o. I am not allow. We all go through stuff. But my people of Nanka forbid suicide. There is no funeral for you.

Don’t get it wrong when people post their pictures seated in first class plane, meanwhile you don’t even have motorcycle.

Don’t worry yourself! What is most important is your peace of mind. When we first believed, our biggest joy was what we called ” the assurance of salvation.”

It’s not the cars or the mansions or whatever. It’s the joy that He calls you son! There is a world in this world which you will only learn when you get such salvation encounter. It’s a world of inner peace.

It’s not a world of acquisitions. It’s a world of denounciations. Then you could say ” all those vain things, that charm me most, I sacrifice them to the lord” it’s a world of denounciations and not denominations.

When I came to Europe, it was a protocol that you have to hustle and send a car home before you visit. Soon as I got my papers, I went home. I wanted to know who will push me off the Okada.

I still ride on Okada today and a Mercedes 190 ( which I will never lose) and I use Keke like kilode!

I have peace. Sometimes ago I was to attend a Seminar in the East. I checked myself into a comfortable 8k Hotel room. My friends came down from Abuja and carried me and my bag to the best hotel in town and paid for me to stay there. That’s what I call being rich.

I entered Abuja sometime ago and a friend availed my the cutest Mercedes 4matic , took me around to lunch the the best lounge and left so much cash on my hotel room to spend while in town. That’s what I call rich!

Have peace of mind and be good. God will not let you suffer shame!!

Nobody can be a better you. Just be you!