El-Zakzaky, Wife Due Back In Nigeria El-Zakzaky, Wife Due Back In Nigeria
The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat will return back to Nigeria tonight, according to... El-Zakzaky, Wife Due Back In Nigeria

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat will return back to Nigeria tonight, according to reports by The Nation newspaper quoting a source it described as a key leader of the Islamic sect.

The newspaper said the couple will leave the Madenta Hospital India back for Nigeria as revealed by a top member of the IMN, Yahaya Muhammad Soje.

Soje said El-Zakzaky and his wife have expressed dissatisfaction over the treatment provided by the doctors and alleged threats by security operatives.

According to him: ” The security officials refused to allow the doctors he requested to treat him and his wife.

“As I am speaking with you now they are preparing to return to Nigeria this night.”

The couple arrived India last Tuesday with their relatives, security operatives and government officials.

After several diagnosis doctors said El-Zakzaky is suffering about eight ailments, including glaucoma, symptoms of Ischemic heart disease, which could lead to Myocardial infraction, severe cervical spondylosis which has resulted to nerve root compression and causing insomnia, among others.

He also reportedly has pellets lodged in his body since the 2015 clash with soldiers in Zaria.

These pellets were believed to be causing lead poisoning in his blood.


Below, is the full text of a press release signed by the Permanent Secretary of Nigeria’s Ministry of Information, Abuja, Deaconess Grace Isu Gekpe on the El-Zakzaky medical trip to India which the government arranged following a court order: 



It would be recalled that the Court on 5th August, 2019 granted the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibraheem EL-Zakzaky leave to travel to India for medical treatment. Consequently, the Government and its concerned agencies agreed to obey the Order and immediately planned to achieve the success of the Medical trip.

The government went further to arrange a private air craft for the said movement and convenience of the parties but El-Zakzaky turned this offer down and instead preferred to travel on a commercial flight for which he chose the Emirates.

It may further be recalled that in line with the Court Order, El-Zakzaky was supposed to embark on the trip with State officials. His choice to be accompanied by his aides and personal Doctors was not opposed by the government.

On 12th August, 2019, he and other members of the entourage set off on the journey to India via Dubai. It is to be noted that El-Zakzaky particularly chose Mendata Hospital, India. However, on reaching Dubai, El-Zakzaky began to display ulterior motives against laid down procedures.

First, he requested that his passport be handed over to him but the State officials would not budge to his pressure. The situation became worse in India. El-Zakzaky had increased his demands. At this stage, he refused to subject himself to preliminary medical checks including laboratory tests.

He demanded free movement and access to visitors of all kinds. He requested to be allowed to check into a 5-Star Hotel instead of being admitted in the hospital. But the Indian authorities turned down his 5-Star hotel stay request on the ground that he came into the country for medicals and not as a tourist (more so that his Visa was issued on medical grounds and not on tourism). He demanded that Police protection be withdrawn from him by the Indian authorities.

Against medical ethics and standard practice, he requested to nominate Doctors of his choice to join the ones tasked by Mendata Hospital to perform medical treatment on him and his wife. This, of course, created a stalemate for which the Hospital insisted that he would not dictate to or direct it on the choice of medical personnel to carry the required medical treatment on them.

Frustrated by his antics, the Indian authorities have expressed willingness to return him to Nigeria with immediate effect. This is on the account that they will not allow him use their country to internationalize his group’s activities.

Against this background, the Nigerian government wishes to commend the stand of India and as well apologize to her for the unruly behaviour of El-Zakzaky. Similarly, the attention of the public and indeed the international community is hereby drawn to these unfortunate developments.

The government also wishes to use this opportunity to affirm its readiness to undertake the prosecution of El-Zakzaky through due process if and when he is returned to the country. Therefore, his foul cry that he is being held in circumstances worse than he was in Nigeria should be disregarded.

Deaconess Grace Isu Gekpe
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Information,
14th August, 2019