In The New Rivers, The Lord’s Goodness is Manifest In The New Rivers, The Lord’s Goodness is Manifest
By Simeon Nwakaudu Personally,  I do not like any form of self-praise. It appears to me as gloating,  no matter how it is couched.... In The New Rivers, The Lord’s Goodness is Manifest
By Simeon Nwakaudu

Personally,  I do not like any form of self-praise. It appears to me as gloating,  no matter how it is couched. But with the destructive manipulations of the democratic process,  it is strategic for us to continue to place in the right perspective the magnitude of God’s favour to the people of Rivers State.

The Holy Bible captures the essence of the victory of the people of God in relation to the emergence of Governor Wike as a second term Governor.

Psalm 126 King James Version (KJV) declares:

“1 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

3 The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

The above three verses explain the depth of God’s intervention in the face of high level manipulations and treachery to rob Rivers people of their mandate. If these political robbers had succeeded, all manners of theories would have been thrown up to back their ungodly success.

Indeed, when those mandated to steal the people’s mandate appeared to be gaining unholy advantage,  they had positioned some accomplices in the media and other strategic locations to justify their robbery.

But like a dream, the entire scenario changed.  The hunter became the hunted and the victim of high class manipulations became the victor.

In our political system, to fall prey to illegal schemes of treachery is inexcusable . You are left to lick your wounds all by yourself.  Everyone becomes right, except you. All your allies quickly justify their acts of treachery on the altar of the robbery that eclipsed your political growth or survival.

But in the case of Rivers State,  Governor Wike had built a critical mass of God’s people ahead of the election.  Clerics and Christians from all denominations took control of the project in view of his outstanding performance.

Ordinary people,  in the rural and urban areas pocketed the Wike project and lived it, every single day.  They never allowed the elite the pleasure of controlling the process.

Each time we went on campaign, the strength of their love for the Wike project was laid bare for all to see. One of my cameramen would always tell me…”Oga, I don’t want to be present on a day these people will not love our Oga”.

Under the present circumstances with key institutions of State bastardised and under the control of anti-people individuals,  the only way to victory is to remain rooted with the ordinary people. Under such circumstances,  associates and popular commentators amount to nothing. Powerful associates easily sell out and still claim entitlement.  Some even contrive alibi and use social media to justify why they couldn’t stand for the project.

But the ordinary people,  those I prefer to call the unknown soldiers,  appreciate every investment made on their behalf.  They reward every project, whether completed or ongoing. Even when they have concerns, they genuinely stand with a leader who against all odds worked to make a difference in their lives.

Governor Wike is still leading Rivers State today  because God and the good people of Rivers State refused to allow the political robbers to have their evil way. When I say the people, I mean the ordinary folks.  Those whose names we may never get to know. Those whose faces are obscure.  Those whose addresses are not easy to locate. These guys have no entitlement mentality.  Their only link to Government are the projects they benefit from and their desire to have a performer continue with his good works.

We cannot thank these people enough.  We also cannot thank God enough. Thankfully,  Governor Wike, irrespective of the schemes of detractors continues to appreciate God and the people of Rivers State.  He uses every opportunity to emphasize the role God and Rivers people played in his re-election.

It is for this reason that Governor Wike has sworn to continue to deliver projects to Rivers people.  According to him, he will work like a Governor serving his first term. He will work for the good of Rivers State.  His commitment  is to Rivers people and not to any elite group.  Few months into  his second term,  the evidence is there for all to see. Projects everywhere.  Execution of pro-people programmes has taken centre stage. Majority of Rivers people are happy and growth is sustained.

At the 2019 Holy Ghost Rally of the RCCG,  Governor Wike summed up his testimony thus:

He said: “Nigerians are aware of what happened on 9th March, 2019. If anyone says he does not believe in God, that event of March 9 should make you believe God.

“But for God, the enemies would  have  taken over the state. I thank the Church for standing firm.  They prayed for God’s will to be done and God’s will was done.  But for your prayers, I won’t be here as Rivers State Governor. “

Victor Onyeka-Ben