Leadership Failure In Nigeria Leadership Failure In Nigeria
Speech by Chief Precious Elekima, one of the Frontline facilitators, NCFRONT On Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021 A CONSORTIUM OF PATRIOTIC ORGANIZATIONS NATIONWIDE CAME TOGETHER... Leadership Failure In Nigeria

Speech by Chief Precious Elekima, one of the Frontline facilitators, NCFRONT
On Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021

Whose citizens are experiencing excruciating pains.  Due to what Nigerians are going through, we have decided to unite under the auspices of NCFRONT to enable the rescue of our citizens who have been bound into internal slavery by their fellow Nigerians.
It is very important to address the   wickedness of opportunists who clinched power through fraudulent elections.
We have observed the reluctance in having empathy on their own people as they have completely seized the mechanism of government.
The currently operating system is an imagination of government interpreted by all according to their experience. This is a complete failure of government, law and order, which brutally rules by compulsion, force, conquests without wars, and forceful usurpation of the principles of separation of powers of the three arms of government.
Honestly, folks, our government has characteristics of all known forms of government including: MONARCHY, AUTOCRACY  PLUTOCRACY, ARISTOCRACY,  OLIGARCHY,  AND DICTATORSHIP BEING DRAMATIZED AS ” DEMOCRACY ”  in Nigeria, which is a mockery of the true meaning of  Democracy: Government of the people of Nigeria by the people of Nigeria for the people of Nigera. Ironically, Nigerians are disenfranchised.
The inept government owes its birth to FRAUD OR RUTHLESS FORCE on helpless citizens of Nigeria. The results of this fraud has only one achievement, that is total destruction of the entire country almost beyond redemption. We as patriots and citizens of conscience, cannot continue  to fold our arms and sit by the sidelines  and watch Nigeria fail as a nation.

Indeed, it is shockingly a fact that nearly 90% of NIGERIAN’s  next meal hangs in a balance,  our university graduans are roaming the streets, with many being tempted to stray into all sorts of crimes and forbidden path ways , contrary to expectations of their parents, painfully, most parents have lost their children to hard drugs and many graduating to be kidnappers, armed robbers, prostitutes etc. More troubling is the torture meted out to our distinguished men and women who had served this country and retired but who live like destitute, and most of have died because of their unpaid pension and gratuities,  and even those alive are begging to buy food to barely survive daily.
The wost part of it is that Nigerians have given up on their inalienable right to life,  as daily life is at the mercy of luck. The entire economy has collapsed and the government from the states to the federal levels have demonstrated ignorance in government and economics.
It is now a clarion call on all and sundry wherever you may be to identify with the National Consultative Front, NCFront, which is deeply disturbed by the disastrous failure of political leadership and unimaginable State of  collapse in Nigeria, as evident in the pervasive insurgencies, banditry, kidnapping, general insecurity as well as the dangerous slide of the Nigerian economy into depression, which has dimmed the hope of Nigerians and let us together fashion a way out and save our beloved country, which has lost its compass and direction.
Sadly, but pleasantly in the show of empathy and understanding the burden of government failures, the responsibility of the upkeep of more than 80% of Nigerian families are fed from foreign remittances by Nigerians working in the cold snow during the winter or the scourging heat during the summer, as they can’t leave their parents or relatives to die of starvation, so the poor Nigerians abroad continuously work extra hours to meet the financial needs of their children and also relatives back home. Many of those hard working Nigerians also meet their untimely death while working to feed Nigerians neglected by a supposed government.
When will this stop? That is the crux of the matter.
Given this worrisome situation of our dear country and the fear that things may get out of hand worsening the current situation.  Now, we, Citizens of Conscience, from across the length and breadth of Nigeria have resolved to initiate and drive a national redemption movement to rescue and save Nigeria from an impending anarchy and  and complete collapse.
Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
The country is vibrating between anarchy and tyranny.
The government was required to operate according to principles of law, not the whims of “strong” men.
The absence of Freedom Prosperity  and Peace in the  country has made nearly all Nigerians moving corpses in spirit or physical. Most children hadn’t been lucky to witness their parents funeral, For fear of being kidnapped. Many well meaning Nigerians have given up hope to return home due to safety concerns.
Nothing more currently raises the imperative for  initiating our new Group, the National Consultative Front, NCFront to resetting Nigeria than the shameful mishandling of the country and economy and insecurity as a result of State brutality in  several States over the crisis and tension foisted by clashes between farmers and herders in one hand, Boko Haram and Militia groups terrorising and hounding innocent citizens from North. South, East and West. On the other hand,  what more disorders do we need to occur for us to understand and appreciate that the game of governance is over, and citizens are left to find a way out to rescue the country.
As patriots, citizens of conscience, and people burdened by anger of the youth, and hunger of the poor and the frustration of the well-off; including potential investors, who consider corruption and the bullying by incompetent and inept political leadership as high risk factors, the NCF is launching  a Rescue Nigeria Movement to educate Nigerians on their rights as voters and the workings of Representative government.
OUR AGENDA: shall be
To Interface with the LEGISLATIVE and Executive branches of GOVERNMENT on how to conduct credible Elections,  and let Nigerians for the first time properly elect People of their choice and take full responsibility for their failures and success. At least, for once let the Nigerian people have the opportunity of either renewing the election or getting rid of the failed regime.  This is the least parting gift the current administration can give to Nigeria and which will remain a legacy for a life time.
The aspiration of most Nigerians are the following:




Thank you all!