. Allegation a figment of the imagination, retorts Umahi Citing rampant claims from the social media on Wednesday, the Ebonyi State chapter of the...

. Allegation a figment of the imagination, retorts Umahi

Citing rampant claims from the social media on Wednesday, the Ebonyi State chapter of the People Democratic Party (PDP) has asked the state government to explain the alleged arrest at Abuja, of the state governor’s brother, Austin Umahi for allegedly possessing $20 million.

The PDP allegation was contained in release signed by its Ebonyi State Chapter’s Publicity Secretary, Barr. Silas Joseph Onu.

The full text of the release read:

“The above story broke in the social media today and as a responsible party, we are desirous of knowing the truth regarding this story.

Our concern is spurred by the fact that sometime ago, a similar story went viral that about $10m was confiscated by Federal government agents in the Abuja residence of Governor David Umahi. Eventually, that story is yet to be rebutted or denied by the Governor.

Now, another story that is centred around $20m leading to the arrest of Austin Umahi is spreading like wild fire. The veracity of this story is unknown, but the need for clarification is urgent. The amount involved is not such that anyone will play politics with, as it can change the fortune of the entire Ebonyi people.

For example, recently, we read that our cement factory will be revived with a sum of $30m and a private pharmaceutical factory worth $50m will be constructed in Ebonyi. These projects combined are worth $80m and here is a story about $20m making the rounds – if this is untrue, Austin and the Governor must come out and state so. This is important to avoid a repetition of how the $10m katempe issue went.

So, please we as a political party are eagerly waiting for a clarification on this issue.”


But in a quick reaction circulated to media outlets, Mr Austin replied:

“Ordinarily I won’t have responded to this wicked and malicious character assassination but for the sake of beloved ones like you who showed concern. First and foremost , this is a figment of a deranged person’s imagination. I was neither in abuja nor interrogated by any security agent on any matter not to mention money. How could a sane person go to d extent of dancing naked in a market square in the name of politics. I have decided to follow all due and legal processes to teach this so called Joseph silas onu a bitter lesson of how not to play extreme politics of negativism. He must explain to the world which airline carried me to abuja, the security agent(s) that arrested me and where I am presently detained. This I have vowed to use and set example of how not to be petty and scandalous most especially to someone you hve not crossed parts with. The imbecile claims to be a lawyer, he must be ready and prepared to defend this falsehood . As at this evening my lawyers have been fully briefed n we will meet him in court. Please let’s remain calm and law abiding, rule of law must take its full course. No cause for alarm.  We dey kampe , nothing mega at all all.

From Austin Umahi.