A Celebration of Traditional African Beauty DAKAR, Senegal, 3 July 2024 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- ZIKORA MEDIA & ARTS is proud to announce the official launch...

A Celebration of Traditional African Beauty

DAKAR, Senegal, 3 July 2024 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- ZIKORA MEDIA & ARTS is proud to announce the official launch of Decolonizing Beauty, a unique campaign designed to educate the public and celebrate the rich tapestry of indigenous and local beauty customs across Africa. 

In a world increasingly dominated by Western beauty standards promoted through pop culture and the global beauty industry, Decolonizing Beauty seeks to challenge narrow perceptions and showcase the multifaceted historic beauty traditions in Africa’s diverse cultures.

The campaign will utilize a multi-platform approach to reach a broad audience of English and French speakers around the world. 

Throughout the remainder of the year 2024, a series of initiatives from the campaign will be announced. These initiatives include: 

Crowns of Coils: An Ode to African Hair 
A social media challenge designed to encourage content creators to appreciate African hairstyles and inspire their audiences 
To be announced in July

Roots on Reels: Showcasing African Beauty Through Film  
A smartphone short film contest for African filmmakers to present cinematic portrayals of beauty customs practiced in their communities
To be announced in August

Motherland Beauty: A Poetic Exploration of Traditional African Beauty 
A poetry contest for African poets to express the essence of African beauty through the power of words  
To be announced in September

African Beauty in Focus: A Photojournalism Project
A call for African photojournalists to capture the essence of traditional African beauty practices through their lens 
To be announced in October

And last but not the least:

Hairitage in Motion: A Live Celebration of African Hairstyles 
A live hair show and performance arts presentation showcasing the artistry and diversity of African hairstyles 
To take place in December

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Follow the campaign using our hashtag #DecolonizingBeautyZikora.

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Launched in Abuja, Nigeria in 2023, ZIKORA Media & Arts is a media production company and cultural institution that produces, preserves and promotes creative content and art which captures the nuanced stories of Africa and Africans. Zikora means “show the world” in the Igbo language of southeastern Nigeria. The organization’s motto is to show the world what it means to be Unapologetically African. ZIKORA carries out its vision through its six Creative Branches: Film & TV; Journalism & News Media; Literary Arts; Performance Arts; Events; The Collective Tree. A Francophone Africa network is in place to connect to French-speaking Africans. ZIKORA has a number of projects underway including a documentary feature film in production, a West African dance training initiative in Senegal and an online publication called DIASPORA, which publishes personal essays about the experiences and cross-cultural identities of Africans living outside of Africa.

Our vision is to capture the experiences, expressions and impressions of Africa and Africans through immersive storytelling produced through multimedia and creative multidisciplinary forms including, photography, dance, poetry, visual arts and film.

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