By: Salem Ezeorah   When I see a pregnant, mad woman, my first reaction, after pity, is curiosity. I begin to wonder how the male collaborator performed that office – how he was able to tickle lunatic violence to submission; how he was able to generate libido from a... Read more
Of The Astonishing Scenes In An Effort To Overturn The Result Of A Democratic Election
By Mark Malloch‐Brown President, Open Society Foundations Overnight we have watched astonishing scenes as hundreds of thugs incited by a criminal president invaded a country’s legislative chambers and caused mayhem and death in an effort to overturn the result of a democratic election. As we know, this was not... Read more
Democracy Is A Threat To White Supremacy — And That Is The Cause Of America’s Crisis
By Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation 7 JANUARY 2021   I have long believed that inequality is the greatest threat to justice—and, the corollary, that white supremacy is the greatest threat to democracy. But what has become clear during recent weeks—and all the more apparent yesterday—is that the converse... Read more
By Paulinus Nsirim Our attention has been drawn to an article titled: “Judiciary and the Future of Our Democracy… Judges Like Catholic Priests”, By Eddy Odivwri, published in Thisday Newspaper of December 25, 2020. This write-up by Mr. Eddy Odivwri was excellent, almost to the point of being seminal... Read more
Prof. Obiozor On The Igbo Question
For far too long NDIGBO have been objects of stereotype and profiling which ended in being misunderstood and misrepresented before other Nigerians. That has been the Igbo albatross everywhere in national politics or business, academia or artisans. Negative profiling has been an Igbo cross to carry since Nnamdi Azikiwe’s... Read more
COLONEL EMMANUEL NWOBOSI (1939 – 2020) Stands Down, Closing Last Human Chapter Of Event That Changed Nigeria
By: Chukwudum Ikeazor Just over a week ago, I received the news that Emmanuel Nworah Nwobosi had died -on Tuesday 24th November. He was an alumnus – St John’s College, Kaduna, Nigerian Military Training College, Zaria, Sandhurst Military Academy, England, and US Army Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma,... Read more
By: Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu He deserves pity! Never believed Abacha would confirm his death sentence! From Oputa panel revelations, on the day of his execution, unable to face his fate with fortitude because he believed that his sentence would be commuted. When they came for him, he kept on asking... Read more
Buhari’s Unholy Romance With Niger Republic
By Ochereome Nnanna President Muhammadu Buhari’s romance with Niger Republic has become an affront to the national interest of Nigeria. When he was sworn-in as an elected president in 2015 he went to Mamadou Issoufou’s presidential palace in Niamey, Niger Republic, to celebrate. They gave him the reception of... Read more
Oyigbo And Cracking Of Rivers Government Megaphones
By Casmir Igbokwe Usually, whenever a corporate or government personality is in the eye of a storm, his spokesperson employs all sorts of fallacies to defend him and his actions. If you are not observant, he may lure you to believe that his mother is the only living virgin in... Read more
Nigeria: The Descent To A Barbarian State
By Ikechukwu Obi   I have tried to gather information on events in Oyigbo (Obigbo), Rivers state in the last 5-6 days. I have read, seen videos and pictures and made phone calls (it’s difficult for an Igbo person not to have family in Port Harcourt). From all i’ve... Read more