By George Onmonya Daniel I have always argued that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was not radicalized in London but in Nigeria. He was recruited in London but not radicalized. This generation of Northern Nigerian leaders are radicalized from homes and the schools. We make the mistake of looking at the... Read more
By Kelechi Deca   Junaid Mohammed’s layered Ignorance and Paranoia I had the unfortunate misfortune of stumbling on an interview which appeared in The Saturday Punch of 9th March, 2013 by one Junaid Mohammed who likes to be introduced as a Medical doctor while in the real sense he... Read more
By Sam C. Oveje Over the years we heard and read of how the North has cornered Nigeria’s oil blocs, and of recent Wikileaks has revealed that the Yorubas have monopolized and cornered most of the juicy oil industry jobs for their own while alienating other Nigerians begging the... Read more
by Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe (Paper presented at the Christopher Okigbo International Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass, United States, 22 September 2007) The state in Africa demonstrates a glaring inability to fulfil its basic role. It does not provide security and welfare nor does it enable the growth and expression of... Read more
Last year, a documentary came out, entitled: “Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria”, which claims that Igbo people are one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Its a very interesting and entertaining documentary. However, its one that is very much misnamed. What the documentary should be called is “Re-Emerging: The... Read more