By Matthew Hassan Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese If a religious leader is afraid to say what is right, what else can his silence mean but that he has taken flight? Hiding behind a wall of silence is like taking flight at the approach of the wolf. Pope... Read more
Why The Rise In Anti-Asian Violence Is A Call To Confront America’s Legacy Of Racism
By Darren Walker, Ford Foundation President   Anti-Asian racism is a painful, pernicious American tradition—and yesterday’s murders in Atlanta remind us that this particular strain of racism is not merely part of our history, but a clear and present crisis. My heart breaks today for the families and communities... Read more
Nigeria Currently Conquered, Occupied By Vandals, Bandits; Sliding Towards Precipice; Threatened With Dismemberment, Institutions Decomposed – Prof. Jega
Being an Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI) Lecture, titled Responsibilities of the State for a Stable Democratic Polity in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects By Attahiru Muhammadu Jega, OFR; Professor, Department of Political Science, Bayero University, Kano; former Vice Chancellor, Bayero University Kano; former Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),... Read more
By Paulinus Nsirim The administration of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike delivered another amazing project in fulfillment of its promise to provide quality healthcare to Rivers people, when the ultra-modern Government House Clinic and Administrative Building was commissioned by former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki on Friday, March 5, 2021.... Read more
The Pastoral Fulani Inferno And President Buhari’s Silence
By Sam Kargbo The Fulani (Fula, Fulah, Fulbe, Fellata) is one of the most written about ethnic groups in the world. I am not certain that they are, in total, up to 70 Million, but they can be found – and have influence – in the following countries: Benin... Read more
Injustices Of Voting But Not Being Voted For: The Hausa Plaintive Cry On Recovering Their Lost Kingdom
By Col. Dauda Gora (rtd) Hausa land, history and people yearning for freedom. Nigerians, 50 years old and above who attended Primary School in any part of what used to be Northern Nigeria, must have been taught during History lessons about the 7 Hausa States of Biram, Kano, Katsina,... Read more
By: Salem Ezeorah   When I see a pregnant, mad woman, my first reaction, after pity, is curiosity. I begin to wonder how the male collaborator performed that office – how he was able to tickle lunatic violence to submission; how he was able to generate libido from a... Read more
Of The Astonishing Scenes In An Effort To Overturn The Result Of A Democratic Election
By Mark Malloch‐Brown President, Open Society Foundations Overnight we have watched astonishing scenes as hundreds of thugs incited by a criminal president invaded a country’s legislative chambers and caused mayhem and death in an effort to overturn the result of a democratic election. As we know, this was not... Read more
Democracy Is A Threat To White Supremacy — And That Is The Cause Of America’s Crisis
By Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation 7 JANUARY 2021   I have long believed that inequality is the greatest threat to justice—and, the corollary, that white supremacy is the greatest threat to democracy. But what has become clear during recent weeks—and all the more apparent yesterday—is that the converse... Read more
By Paulinus Nsirim Our attention has been drawn to an article titled: “Judiciary and the Future of Our Democracy… Judges Like Catholic Priests”, By Eddy Odivwri, published in Thisday Newspaper of December 25, 2020. This write-up by Mr. Eddy Odivwri was excellent, almost to the point of being seminal... Read more